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Full Moon in Sagittarius – May 25, 2021
Thank you for reading this. On this Full Moon in Sagittarius it’s time to pray for and do ritual around and be thankful for exuberance and enthusiasm, education, philosophy, spirituality and high-mindedness, generosity, benevolence and abundance. It’s time to cultivate good cheer, joviality and to be joyful – joyful – joyful.

I’m so forever grateful for the community generosity that has sustained the Mercury these last 15 months. Thank you to the almost 1,800 people who donated to our GoFundMe and to the people who mailed in checks, and walked into the Mercury with small and big checks, and who handed us cash to support us.

Thank you to our webmaster who persuaded me to have a GoFundMe page and who administered it and a complicated online auction and who has promoted everything we’ve been doing and thinking. Thank you to our online assistant who filters e-mails, applied for loans and grants and generally kept our communication on track.

Thank you to our accountant for keeping the loans and grants on track and applying for some and taking care of all the complicated taxes related to them. Thank you to the Democrats for creating loans and grants.

Thank you to the poets who persuaded me to let them do benefits for us. Thank you to the musicians and poets and storytellers and magicians and comedians at the live streaming fundraiser. Thank you to the technicians who made that possible. Thank you to the media outlets who’ve been giving us free advertising. Thank you to the magician artists who painted joyful protective images on the outside of the building. 

Thank you to the skeleton crew of Mercury workers who in the shut down times slept in the Mercury to keep it from looking abandoned. And to the musicians who rehearsed late at night to keep the energy up and protect the building. Thank you to the tiny skeleton crew who ran upstairs and downstairs and all over when the customers were distanced all over the building and we were ridiculously short staffed.  

Thank you to the Mercury workers from the past who stepped in to help when one of us tested positive and half of us were quarantined, and on other short staffed days. Thank you to the crew that deep cleaned every square inch of the Mercury, even the ceilings in March & April & May 2020.

Thank you to the chefs who kept us all fed and connected with worker family meals when we were shut down and now still work short staffed. Thank you to all of you who faithfully picked up takeout food in the alley and were so generous to the workers.

All of this benevolent generosity and abundance has landed the Mercury on what feels like solid ground. I’m keeping the GoFundMe open just in case but I think we’re OK without donations for now. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you for your visualization and prayers for a bright future for the Mercury in all our communities.

If this Full Moon at 5° Sagittarius with the Sun at 5° Gemini hits something in your horoscope, that area of your life will be highlighted.

Thank you for so much love and support. Come dance.

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We are a three ring circus with Music, Dance, Theater & Poetry. In the Rose Dining Room you can expect quiet beautiful Jazz & Classical Musicians. In the Jungle Dining Room you will find song with Jazz, Concerts, Community Theater, Flamenco, Opera, Poetry, Films, and later in the evening, up and coming Indi music Bands. In the Dancehall expect concerts, Swing, Salsa, Tango, Blues and Samba and Dance Classes, BirthdayParties, Weddings, Receptions & other Special Events.