The Mercury Cafe is powered by the Wind and the Sun. We serve Local, Organic Food, and Community is our purpose.

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*Due to Covid upsurge we are tightening our belt a little,

NO BRUNCH on SATURDAY, Hope to see you Sunday for Brunch 9 am – 3 pm**

We are Open!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 5pm – Close
Sundays 9am – Close

Kitchen hours are Sunday  Brunch 9am – 3pm
Dinner 5pm-10pm

(Wednesday limited menu) 

For Information, Questions, or Reservations:

For Events: Please email
or call 303-294-9258

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Thank you to everyone for your continued support of the Mercury Cafe!

We are a three ring circus with Music, Dance, Theater & Poetry. In the Rose Dining Room you can expect quiet beautiful Jazz & Classical Musicians. In the Jungle Dining Room you will find song with Jazz, Concerts, Community Theater, Flamenco, Opera, Poetry, Films, and later in the evening, up and coming Indi music Bands. In the Dancehall expect concerts, Swing, Salsa, Tango, Blues and Samba and Dance Classes, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Receptions & other Special Events.