Tuesday Night Blues

7 pm Intermediate Class $5
8 pm Beginners Class $5
8:30 Blues Dance $8/$12 Live Band

10897798_592286630903165_759726499698950509_nWhat is Blues Dancing?

Blues Dance has a history as rich and varied as Blues and Jazz music. It’s a collection of African Vernacular dances such as “snake hips” and “funky butt” and is the grandmother of Lindy, Tap and Jazz. It is usually recognized by its pendular pulse, poly-rhythms and pocket grooves.

 Why Should I learn it?

Ever notice all those different rhythms and layers in the blues? Did you know they have steps to go with them? Doesn’t that make you curious? Besides, learning how to groove with a partner is a very important life skill, take it from us.




Our Teachers

Kylie was born into a family of dancers and has worn many different dance shoes.  After a lifetime in the studio, she discoverd the blues at a house party in 2008 in Portland Oregon.  She felt at home with the range of rhythms and welcoming community. She immersed herself in the history and the aesthetic of the dance which gave her a deep gratitude for blues culture. In 2014 she moved to Denver and became an organizer for Colorado Blues Dance. She can be found at the Merc every Tuesday and at national dance events tearing up the floor in competitons. She teaches with a passion for quality of movement and challenges her students to grow holistically.  Her favorite music to DJ is gritty old delta blues.