Come Dance with us!

If you’re ready to dance, let’s do this.  We have regular classes every week at every level, whether you’re completely green or you’re a seasoned social dancer looking for inspiration, technique, and self-expression: We have you covered.

Let’s Dance!

Swing Nights at the Mercury Cafe

West Coast Swing Wednesdays

West Coast Swing, also known as “Sophisticated Swing” is the modern incarnation of the traditional Swing Dances.  Always changing and cutting-edge, you’ll dance to Top 40, Pop, Rap, and Classics.  It’s a slotted dance, and can be quite technical, but that’s a small price to pay for a dance that appears so sleek and sexy.

7pm Beg. & Int. West Coast Swingclasses –$10 includes dance

8pm-W.C. Swing Dance  -$8

**Please check our Calendar as there are sometimes alternate events on Wednesdays.

Thursday Nights Monthly Series: Lindy Hop Lessons

Beginning Lindy Hop Monthly Series: Thursdays, 6-7 pm at the Mercury Cafe. Lindy Hop is a fun and dynamic Swing dance you may have seen in the movies Malcolm X and Swing Kids. It’s a little more challenging than the Jitterbug class, so we suggest starting out with Jitterbug on Sundays if you are very new to dancing!

Every month our Beginning Lindy Hop Class will cover the basics and various Lindy Moves. We have three methods for teaching the basics which we cycle through over 3 months time, to reach different learning styles! See description of Lindy Hop under our ‘About – Dances’ page for more info about Lindy.

$35 per monthly series ($40 for 5 weeks), $10 per individual class

Intermediate Lindy Hop Monthly Series: Thursday, 7:00 – 8:00pm at the Mercury Cafe. We suggest having at least 2 months of Beginning Lindy Hop before moving into Intermediate class. With different topics each month. Always new fun and exciting material! Can be taken as a series or drop-in.

$35 per monthly series ($40 for 5 weeks), $10 per individual class
Sundays:Dance with DJ follows the Lesson at 8 pm $10

Dance with DJ follows the Lesson at 8 pm $10

 Please sign-up for the Thursday series Here!


Beginning Jitterbug Drop-In: $10: Sundays at 6:30 – 7:45 at the Mercury Cafe. Every Sunday we teach a drop-in lesson in which we cover the basic steps and a beginner’s move. Then we’ll teach an Intermediate level move, and finish the class with an Advanced step or a fun Swing trick or dip. Something for all levels of dancers every Sunday! Even if you are completely new to dancing you’ll learn and have a good time!

Beginning Lindy Hop One Time Drop In: The first Sunday of every month we teach a drop-in Beginning Lindy Hop lesson at 5:30pm, the C-class of our ABCs of Learning Lindy series. On Sundays, $12 gets you in the door for two lessons and a dance with a live band!

The Shim Sham: $12: The Second Sunday of every month at 5:30 – 6:30 at the Mercury Cafe. The Swing Dancer’s Line Dance… On Sundays your $12 gets you two classes and a dance with live music!

Beginning Charleston: $12: The third Sunday of every month at 5:30 – 6:30 at the Mercury Cafe. Learn this classic swing step you can do on it’s own or as a new step within your Jitterbug and Lindy. You’ll learn the basic footwork plus fundamental Charleston variations. On Sundays your $12 gets you two classes and a dance with live music!

Leading and Following Technique: $12: The Fourth Sunday of every month at 5:30 – 6:30 at the Mercury Cafe. Leading and Following is an art in itself. Learn the fundamental concepts and must-have skills that make partner dancing work! On Sundays your $12 gets you two classes and a dance with live music!

Whether it’s your first or your thousandth time, you can’t beat Sunday nights at the Mercury Cafe for their fun, energy, and value! 
Each week we teach the basics of this easy to learn dance plus a few moves and tricks to show off at the dance. 
Drop-ins, singles, couples, families, and groups are all welcome.

When: 5:30-6:30 pm, Drop-In Swing
6:30-7:30 pm, Beginning Jitterbug
8:00 pm, LIVE Band, every Sunday!
Where: The Mercury Cafe
$15 classes + dance, $12 dance

*Sunday nights there is no need to pre-register, just show up at the door!

Our Teachers

Ceth Stifel

is a champion level Lindy Hop dancer and choreographer. He competed on the award winning Lindy Hop team 23 Skidoo since its inception in 1999. His experience with vernacular Jazz dance covers an array of styles, including: Savoy & Smooth Style Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Blues, many vintage line dances, and tap. As a performer and teacher, Ceth is known for his solo movement, rhythmic footwork, and creativity. Recent achievements include 1st place in the Seattle Jazz Dance Film Fest, being featured in CPR’s Radio Dances, and the co-choreography and organization of the DIA Flash mob, as well as the Denver Five Points Jazz Festival Flash mob.  He and Dani run the Mercury Cafe’s Home Team Swing Teams: The Mercury Retros & QuickSilvers. Ceth Stifel is one of the in-house Swing instructors of Denver’s own “Home of Happy Feet”, The Mercury Cafe. He teaches every Thursday and Sunday!

Dani Botello

 brings a unique perspective to dance class with her background as a massage therapist and Thai massage practitioner.  She’s won multiple awards in local dance competitions, danced on the world famous team 23 Skidoo, and as a Follow is a Denver favorite in both Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing.  She’s danced in the DIA Flashmob, is a top shelf performer, appearing with local groups Swing Friends, and in Lone Tree Art Center’s 2014 show Home for the Holidays.  Dani and Ceth run the Mercury Cafe’s Home Team Swing Teams: The Mercury Retros & QuickSilvers.  You’ll be impressed by her gentle spirit and playful personality.ittis.

Lark Mervine

Lark’s training as a dancer began as a young child with jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, tap, and in musical theater.  She later found her true passion in the world of swing dancing, more notably Lindy Hop and Charleston.  She has danced with, and choreographed for, many troupes including; BLAM!, Atomic Rhythm, The Jumpin’ JiveCats, The Diamond Dolls, and 23 Skidoo, and has won numerous awards in solo Charleston and Lindy Hop competitions. When it comes to teaching, Lark emphasizes the relaxed, carefree spirit of swing dancing, while maintaining a foundation for proper technique and connection. She has been teaching various styles of partnered swing and solo jazz to a wide range of students from preschool to retirement home. Since moving to Denver in 2011, Lark has been highly involved in the Denver Swing Dance scene. She works with Denver’s own Diamond Dolls as a performer, choreographer, instructor, and board member.  In addition to working with the Dolls, she also works with Community-Minded Dance as an in school instructor and choreographer for both their performance team and youth program. She also teaches weekly swing dance classes with her dance partner at the Savoy at Curtis Park and Mercury Cafe.


This is the place to really dig into your own dancing: find your own voice, build the community, work on challenging material, and find out how much you really can do with hard work, patience, and practice!  
It’s rewarding and fun!

We have two teams at two different levels:  The Mercury Retros and QuickSilvers, and both represent the Mercury Cafe.

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