*Due to Covid-19 there are no partner dances until further notice. We miss you!*

Tuesday Night Blues

Advanced class $7 at 7pm this includes fundamentals class
Fundamentals (beginners welcome and no-partners needed) $5 at 8pm
Dance Begins 8:30pm $8 or $12 for live band nights


 What is Blues Dancing?

Blues dancing is a family of dances that reflect various styles of blues
music while all being tied down with foundational basics such as but not
limited to Groundedness, improvisation, polyrhythms and having a pulse.
These dances are a lot of fun and easy to get started with and become
more challenging as time goes on.

 Why Should I learn it?

Ever notice all those different rhythms and layers in the blues? Did you know they have    steps to go with them? Doesn’t that make you curious? Besides, learning how to groove with  a partner is a very important life skill, take it from us.

How can I find out more?

Check out the for more information.

Our Teachers


Cierra Ruffin

Cierra is known for being
a quirky, musical, and emotional dancer. A a child she was never able to
stop moving and became obsessed with Blues dancing after discovering it.
Her love of blues comes from her relationship with her grandfather and
the reconnection Cierra feels to her heritage while dancing the blues.
Cierra loves to bring that history, culture and context, into her own
and her student’s dancing by challenging their dancing in ways beyond
just movement.

Cierra has only recently started competing and has been placing in open
competitions and is excited to be a new competitor in the All-star
Division. She also organizes Denver’s weekly local venue called
Tuesday Blues and co-organizes Denver’s monthly event called Toska.
You can read Cierra’s thoughts on the Toska blues blog. Cierra is
excited to be sharing her passion for dance and culture with the
community. You can read more about her philosophy at