Clean Energy Campaign

Thank You, Thank You

To everyone who supported our Clean Energy Campaign We raised $9,316.
We are talking to solar installers and will keep you posted on our progress!

For the past 39 years the Mercury Cafe has been an integral part of the Denver community. Every day we are thankful for the foodies, neighbors, artists, dancers, actors, musicians, poets and activists who frequent the Mercury.

Earth Is Changing. We Are Earth. We Must Change Too.

We serve organic locally sourced food and community is our purpose. Over the years we have continually worked to “green” our building and ourselves. We have put our money where our mouth is, and paid the higher costs of doing business that comes with buying and serving organic food, beer, liquor, and alternative energy. For several years we have enjoyed creating clean energy with our 36 solar panels and 2 little wind turbines. Since it was offered, we have purchased 100% of our additional electricity from Xcel Wind Energy Program. But we want to do more! 

Our goal is to purchase and install an additional 36 solar panels & big storage batteries for the roof of the Mercury Cafe.  And we need your help.

Why does it matter?

When you donate to our Community Supported Clean Energy Fund you will be helping to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere. You will be contributing to reducing climate change catastrophe and set a precedence for a “Solar Raising”.  Like the old-fashioned Barn Raising in which community members supported each other, collectively accomplishing something that would be unattainable otherwise. With your help we can work towards a clean energy future. A good friend provided the financing for the solar & wind power we have now. He is unable to do that again. The solar companies offer financing for residential but not for small commercial buildings. We could lease them, but purchasing them outright would help contain the skyrocketing costs of the Mercury Cafe. Any money that we raise will go towards the purchase and installation of solar panels for the Mercury Cafe, and batteries to store the energy they make.

Sustainability at the Mercury

We are always working to further our sustainability as much as possible at the Mercury Cafe. To learn more about everything we do, please check out our “Green” Page on our website.

 Help us to Create a Clean Energy Future

So if you can and would like to help fund this project by contributing $5 or $50 or more, please do so. Our goal is 39,996. We will be so grateful if we are able to create more clean energy together. Thank You! Thank You! Help us broaden our efforts for a sustainable model of living. Community is our Purpose. We can’t do it without YOU.